Is there a charge for the bulk toner returns service?

No. The service is entirely free of charge. Please don’t be alarmed by mention of an invoice address on the website; the entry is only needed when we make specific arrangements with you. For example, we will charge a deposit amount in case of providing special multi use boxes.

How can I register?

Visit the website and select REGISTER from the top right hand corner. If the site does not appear in your language, use the drop down language selector in the top right hand corner. Enter your name, email address and your chosen password, tick to accept the Ts and Cs, then click “Register”. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided – open that and click on the link to activate. Clicking the activation page will take you to a page where you log in; you can select “remain logged in” to avoid having to log in each time you visit.

How to order toner returns boxes?

Once logged in select “order empty boxes” and choose the appropriate size of empty boxes. For all empty boxes to be ordered you will find a visualization on our webpage: Empty boxes are shown in white color and an arrow is pointing down. Full boxes are filled with gray color and an arrow pointing upwards.

I am having difficulty using the website, how can I get help?

Please click the “support” link at the bottom of the page and the website operator will respond to your query.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

There is a reset button on the login page that enables you to reset your password.

What kind of cartridge collection box is provided?

The box is manufactured out of recycled cardboard and the box itself is also recyclable after use. For delivery the boxes are shipped flat-packed in quantities of 3 to reduce transport emissions. The box is very simple to assemble. Clear instructions are available on the box itself.

What box-size do I need?

If you discard fewer than 15 toners per year, choose box “M” (max. 20 kg, approx. 60 litres: 30 x 60 x 40 cm), otherwise we recommend box “L”. (max. 20 kg, approx. 160 liters: 70 x 60 x 40 cm). For very big consumptions at Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands we provide Multi Use Palletboxes. approx. (850 liters: 100x 100 x 120 cm). As long as you don’t return it before it is full, the larger the box you use the lower the environmental impact of transport. We also gladly accept single units from small-volume consumers. You can download free package stickers. If possible, use the carton from your new product as the packaging. If this is not possible, use similar packaging. Leave box at the nearest post office. Please consider the max. dimensions: (Max. 1 kg / max. 60 cm (L) x 30 cm (W) x 15 cm (H) Service available in the following countries: AT / BE / CZ / DE / DK / EE / ES / FI / FR / GB / GR / HU / IS / LT / LU / LV / NL / PL / RU / SE / SI /SK)

When my toner return box is full, how do I get it collected?

Collections are arranged on the same website where you ordered the empty box; simply select “Return of empty toner”. For all full boxes ordered to be picked up, you will find a visualization on our webpage: Full boxes are filled with gray color and an arrow pointing upwards. Our transport partner is in charge for the pick-up of your products in a maximum of 5 business days between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm. Please make sure that a contact person is available, and that the shipment is ready for pick-up.

Can I return a box that isn’t full?

We recommend that you fill boxes completely before requesting collection; this way the environmental impacts of transport are minimised.

How should empty toners be packed?

Empty toner containers should be sealed in a plastic bag to avoid toner leakage during storage and/or transit (you’ll find one in the box your new toner came in, or you can use any plastic bag). Waste toner bottle should also be shipped inside a sealed plastic bag, either together with an empty toner cassette or separately.

Can I return consumables from other manufacturers?

Please don’t return consumables from other manufactors. We absorb the significant cost of consumables recovery and recycling as part of our commitment to responsible business. When you return consumables from other manufacturers’ devices, or compatible toners made by a third party, we incur additional costs that should rightly be the responsibility of other businesses. For this reason, spot checks are carried out to identify customers who are abusing this service and we reserve the right to refuse further collections from customers who send us other consumables

How do I change my personal profile?

Registered addresses can not be changed because of a unique registered address usually an order was associated. However, you have the possibility to enter a new address after entering a new order. In your address book, you can hide addresses that are no longer used permanently.

Can I manage my subsidiaries / other locations at my address book?

Yes, our customer service can give you an appropriate management which you can find at the menu "My Account" / "My Companies“. Here you can manage all offices and branches in one consolidated address book. For all locations you can place orders and you can invite user with different administration rights. Our systems differs between: “User”: This is the person who does the order entries / “Location” This is the place were the box is placed / “Company” This is the group of all locations. So depending on administration rights a user can manage different locations at one address book.

How do I know my request has been taken into account?

After saving the order you will receive a confirmation by email. In this mail you have a summary of your order and a link to the tracking of our logistics. You can also track your order at the webpage under “My Account”.

How is traceability ensured?

Once you have placed an order for pickup of boxes, our system will send your parcel label. We ask you to fix the label at the box. Our system will check if you have downloaded the label. Without this download your order will be canceled after 24 hours (before we send you a reminder), because we need the package label for the collection, for the transports and for the tracking.

What happens when a pick-up of a full box was not performed?

Our system detects if a pickup attempt has failed. Collections could fail if the driver goes to the wrong address or arrives outside normal working hours or there is not a person on site with knowledge of the imminent pickup. To appoint a new pick-up, we send you an E- Mail with a link to be clicked. So you can order the pick up again. Of course you can find this information at the tracking under “My Account” at our webpages.

Can I get a monthly statistics of my consumption?

Yes, at the menu “My Account” you can download your monthly balance sheet.

I am in a country outside the EU. How should I handle custom issues?

Do not worry. Along with the package label we will send you a completed proforma- invoice. You only need to sign and attach it at the box.